Ziggy the Magic Guy

                                                   Magician and Mentalist


Ziggy Joker 3


Imagine you are having a party or gathering. You are checking on your guests and you see a group of them laughing and having a good time all huddled around one guy. Well, that guy must be Ziggy.

Ziggy is a professional entertainer who has a unique way of combining his charm, personality, and quick wit with his skills as an accomplished mentalist and magician. He offers two types of performances: “Close-up Strolling Magic” and a “Stage Show” where he seamlessly joins both magic and mentalism to create a wonderfully entertaining experience. He carefully creates and chooses effects where the secrets are not obtainable through the internet, leaving your guests truly amazed.

Ziggy is now one of the most sought after and requested performer’s in the Tri-State area including Westchester and Long Island. Ziggy’s goal is to entertain and mystify, and he really delivers!




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