Ziggy is an Amazing Magician & Mentalist  

with over Twenty Years of Professional Performance Experience.


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Ziggy’s Strolling act is perfect for Bar Mitzvahs and Sweet 16’s. He creates exciting, unusual magic with everyday objects right in the hands of his audience.

Dollar Bills turn inside out, borrowed rings vanish and reappear in unusual places, coins bend at his touch, watches change time, and minds are read as Ziggy reveals information known only to the spectators he is working with.

Of course no magical performance is complete without card tricks. As an expert sleight of hand card manipulator, Ziggy’s card routines will usually prompt someone to say “I wouldn’t want to play poker with him”. But, most importantly, laughter and smiles materialize everywhere and a good time is had by all!

All of Your Guests will be charmed by Ziggy’s Magical Personality.




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